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The quiet charm of Santa Teresa and its surrounding areas infuse solitude and beauty. Once known for its cattle, farming and fishing, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais area shifted into an idyllic haven; thus cheapening the idea of tourism to more than a fairy tale. While the soft sounds of the waves crash against the shore, the wind gently whips across the sleepy town of Santa Teresa. This picturesque town in the Puntarenas province harbors an out of world experience that everyone dreams of being a part of.

Many enjoy the colored hues of the morning sky while they listen to the welcoming sounds of hummingbirds. Others prefer lying on the beach and watch as Pelicans swoop into the water to gather fish. Lizards whiz across waters and howler monkeys swing through the tall branches of the jungle. The local wildlife lives harmoniously as they nibble on the fruits and foliage of the land; all while offering others a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom.

Santa Teresa is outlined by miles of sandy white beaches and tall rustic trees. It is a surfer’s dream as they whip around the waves. On a typical day, people lounge in their beach chairs while getting lost in a book, while others splash around with their snorkeling gear and swim with some of the most exotic ocean creatures. In the morning, horses romantically trod along the shore as their passengers cradle their backs and watch the sun rise over the mountains. Locals jog on the sand while breathing in the fresh ocean air as their earbuds blare their workout music to keep them motivated. Children go up and down in the water then gather at their parent’s feet building sand castles and moats.

Lovers at sunset watch the sun turn green, enjoy what is locally known as sunset cervezas, and welcome the moon as the tide begins to grow.

Much like Santa Teresa, Mal Pais is curved against the ocean. The town offers access to some of the most beautiful beaches and ocean views in the world. However, this quaint town is far more than just a tourist stop with beaches. It is a shaved masterpiece, perfectly crafted with rolling hills of the jungle treetops for you to explore and zip through. The nascent and underdevelopment of the town radiates both beauty and privacy. For this reason alone, celebrities have flocked to Mal Pais to escape from the busyness of their lives and recapture what normalcy feels like. For others, Mal Pais is a gorgeous playground where they can ride bikes with their families or spend a day deep sea fishing.

The peaceful vibe that both towns encompass is a perfect partner for career-oriented folks that prefer to work from home. The calming sounds of the areas exotic birds, breathtaking views, and the ultra private locations allows you to focus and increase productivity in your perspective field. The unique economy in the area will provide an opportunity for you to learn about the local economy, and the small town feel will allow you to interact with local talent that can help you enhance your own creativity.

The close proximity of the ocean challenges the palate as the culinary market flourishes in the area. The variety of culinary magicians in the area offers a twist on popular local cuisine. Restaurants such as Koji’s and Al Chile Viola use the freshest ingredients, they use their kitchen as a canvas to create challenging dishes and a savory dining experience like no other. On any given day you can enjoy a fresh seafood dish or try your hand at recreating local classics such as Gallo Pinto. Curb your appetite by trying the delectable locally grown fruits and vegetables.

On Saturdays, people scurry along in the local farmer’s markets in Santa Teresa. Enjoy the sweet taste of the locally grown bananas and coconuts. First-time visitors or everyday regulars stop by the booths of native locals. Shop around purchasing brightly beaded jewelry and unique clothing. Couples hold hands and weave in and out of the shop, gazing at furniture they purchased for their beachside escape . Bicycles with baskets filled with local produce or flowers whiz by as they race to their next destination.

An evening in Santa Teresa is far more than dinner and a show. Laughter echoes underneath the stars as people line the sidewalks and streets dancing, singing, and creating Latin beats that are essential to the local culture. There is an intoxicating desire in the salted night air. Dance underneath the stars with your loved one while others in the town sleep. Many restaurants and hotels turn their space into a nightclub which is perfect for concerts by local bands. Take in an art show and meet some of the most talented artists that have captured the ambiance of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais on canvas.

There is a simplistic nostalgia as one walks around the towns of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. The laughter of children, the sound of someone snapping a memory, and the taste of the lightly salted air makes you feel as though that no other experience would ever be worth the one you just experienced. The area has the ability to romantically draw you into its serene beauty. The sound of singing birds and raging oceans force you to stay. You can’t help but be attracted to the notion of feeling the cool ocean breeze tussle your hair. You long to bury your toes in the warm sand. You crave for the songs of the waves as they crash along the shore. You can’t help your deep-rooted desire to feel the warm sun cradle your face. You can’t help wanting to watch as the kids bury one another in the sand.

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais is not a vacation, it’s not an embellished tourist attraction that people hand you brochures for. It’s an indescribable utopia that has drawn many and kept them here. Incorporating yourself here means that you have walked into one of the world’s most mysterious wonders. A wonder filled with mystique history, alluring sights, and charming people. The trip to get to the town may seem long and impossible but its angelic ambiance makes its existence worth the wait.